There will be two parent rooms open for use during all conference sessions, located on the first floor.

In using the parent rooms, you agree to the following to help ensure the safety of all children:

  • All children to be accompanied by an adult (with recommended ratios for 0s-3s of 1 adult to a maximum of 2 children,
    for 3s-5s – 1 adult to a maximum of 4 children, for 5s-11s – 1 adult for a maximum of 5 children). 
  • A child cannot move between rooms unless with their accompanying adult.
  • No hot drinks are to be taken into the parent rooms unless in covered mugs.
  • Accompanying adults are only to give food or drink to the children in their care, in case of allergies.
  • Accompanying adults are solely responsible for the children in their care, and won't leave the children with anyone without prior arrangement between parents/guardians.

Further Info

If you would like to find out any more details for the conference, please visit the FAQ page here