Kids Conference


Thursday 25 June
No Kids Conference sessions

[one-half-first]Friday 26 June
09:30 - 13:30 (check in from 9am)
19:00 - 21:00 (check in from 6pm)

[/one-half-first][one-half]Saturday 27 June
09:30 - 13:30 (check in from 9am)
18.35 - 20.30 (check in from 5.30pm)


Children will join parents for the first part of the session in the evenings and a notice will be shown when it is time for the G12 Kids Conference to begin. There won’t be any kids conference sessions during the afternoons. Parent rooms are open throughout the conference. Alternatively, please see this page for things to do during these sessions.

We will be teaching the children from the life of Paul about how Jesus gives us A New Start, A New Vision, A New Power, and A New Mission. Full of interactive teaching sessions, powerful praise and worship, and fun games and activities, the children will have a great time.


All children need to be registered at the main registration desk upon arrival at the conference. They will be issued with a wristband which they will need to wear throughout the conference.

Children also need to be checked in to each G12 Kids Conference session they attend at the G12 Kids Conference entrance. You will be given a family card showing your unique family number upon checking in your child(ren). You will need to present this card when you collect your children.

What To Bring

For morning sessions, each child needs to bring:

  • 2 drinks in disposable containers or clearly named plastic bottles
  • A mid-morning snack in a clearly named container or bag
  • A packed lunch in a clearly named container or bag
  • A craft apron, if you would like them to wear one for any messy activities

For evening sessions, each child needs to bring:

  • A drink in a disposable container or clearly named plastic bottles
  • A snack
  • A pillow and/or blanket

Parent Rooms

There will be two parent rooms open for use during all conference sessions, located on the first floor. In addition, there will be limited seating with a live feed available in the Small Hall to cater for those with sleeping babies in prams.

In using the parent rooms, you agree to the following rules to help ensure the safety of all children:

  1. All children to be accompanied by an adult (with recommended ratios of 0s-3s – 1 adult to max. 2 children, 3s-5s – 1 adult to max. 4 children, 5s-11s – 1 adult to max. 5 children).
  2. A child cannot move between rooms unless with their accompanying adult.
  3. No hot drinks are to be taken into the parent rooms unless in covered mugs.
  4. Accompanying adults are only to give food or drink to the children in their care, in case of allergies.
  5. Accompanying adults are solely responsible for the children in their care, and won't leave the children with anyone without prior arrangement between parents/guardians.