1. What will you be teaching at the Kids Conference?

The theme for the Kids Conference is We Are the Light. We will be learning from Moses and Jesus about how we can see the light, be transformed in the light, and go out into the world to be the light. 

2. What are the arrangements for lunch & snacks?

In the morning session we will have a snack and lunch break during the programme. You will need to provide a snack, a packed lunch and two drinks for this. Please ensure that they are all clearly named.

There are a number of supermarkets and eateries close by if you forgot to bring food.

If you need to bring food in for your child during the morning session, the best time to do this is around 11.50am, which falls in the mid-morning break of the Adult Conference sessions.

In the afternoon session, the Kids Conference team will provide children with a drink and a biscuit.

For the evening session we suggest that you provide your child with a snack and a drink again so that they can enjoy this during the movie. We will also be giving them popcorn.

3. What if my child doesn’t settle or misbehaves in the Kids Conference?

If your child has trouble settling, is distressed or is exhibiting disruptive behaviour in one of our Kids Services, one of our trained Welfare Officers will come alongside them to try to help them. However, if they are unable to resolve the issue, we will make a request for you to come and be with your child to help them settle and engage with their service. 

We have a system in place whereby we can call for parents to come by displaying your unique family number (shown on your family card) on the screen in the main auditorium.

Please make sure you keep an eye out for your number and come straight away if yours is displayed.

We will not necessarily need you to collect your child. It might be enough for you to come into the Kids Conference session and to sit with them for a while to help settle them.

The welfare officer will talk to you about the most suitable approach when you arrive. 

We want your child to have a positive experience of the conference and to have the opportunity to encounter God in a positive way. This may mean you decide to miss parts of the adult conference in order to support and help your child to enjoy the kids conference. We will welcome you if your child needs you to come in and settle them into the conference. This might be particularly helpful for younger children.

4. What if my child needs me during a conference session?

If your child asks for you, or we assess that your child needs you during a service, either in the event of an emergency or simply because they are not settling, we will call you.

We have a system in place whereby we can call for parents to come by displaying your unique family number (shown on your family card) on the screen in the main auditorium.

5. What if I need to go off-site?

If you need to go off-site or will no longer be able to see a screen, please come and inform the Kids Conference team, and ensure that we have an emergency mobile number to contact you on instead.

6. Can I pick my child up at any time?

The Kids Conference sessions have been timed to fit around the Adult Conference sessions, and children are most likely to benefit from the conference if they attend full sessions.

However, if you do need to collect your child early for any reason, please feel free to do so, of course. Please come and wait outside the Kids Conference room and the Welfare Officer will come and assist you.

If you know in advance that you will need to come and collect your child early it would be helpful if you could inform the Welfare Officer of that at Check In.

You must come and collect your child as soon as each conference session ends, or when the Kids Conference closing notice is displayed, whichever is sooner.

7. What are the arrangements for toilet runs?

We will organise toilet runs during the snack and lunch breaks in all conference sessions, and will also organise toilet runs if a child requires outside of these times.

Toilet runs will be overseen by the Welfare Officer, who will ensure that they are carried out in line with our Safeguarding Policy Guidelines. All of the welfare officers are female and, as such, they will also take the children into the ladies toilets. They will always ensure that the toilets are empty before taking the children in.

8. How does evening check-in work?

In the evenings, check in for the Kids Conference will open for 30 mins before the Adult Conference programme begins. If you know that your child will definitely be attending the Kids Conference programme, this will be the best time to check them in.

The check in desk will close during the Praise and Worship, and will re-open at the time the Kids Conference session is due to begin. A notice will be displayed in the main auditorium when this is the case.

9. What do I do if the Kids Conference check-in desk is closed when I arrive?

If a Kids Conference session is taking place, please knock on the door and the Welfare Officer will come and assist you.

If it is outside of a Kids Conference session time, please take note of the time the check in desk will re-open on the sign displayed and return then.

10. What are the arrangements for children outside of the Conference session timings?

Outside of Kids Conference sessions children are fully the responsibility of their parents or other assigned adult. Please ensure you know where they are at all times and do not allow them to move around the venue on their own. 

11. What if someone else is looking after my children?

If you will be assigning care of your children to somebody else for the duration of the Conference or any part of it, please ensure that they are aware of all of this information.

Please note, that they will only be able to collect your children from a Kids Conference session if they are able to provide the Family Card given to you upon Check In.