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send your rain

The theme for this year's conference was Send Your Rain. We live in a nation and generation where people are increasingly spiritually thirstyOnly the 'rain of heaven' can quench this thirst. We believe God's rain can bring the restoration and renewal that people are looking for. Look out for messages from the G12 UK Conference 2016, coming soon.

What is G12 All about?


G12 is a vision to see the fulfilment of the Great Commission found in
Matthew 28: 18-20. It is founded upon the idea that every Christian can mentor and lead 12 people in Christian faith, following the example of Jesus.


Conference Highlights

The Holy Spirit wants us to stay responsive and alert to His guidance.
— Pastor Wes Richards, United Kingdom
The key to overcome adversity is to have a full confidence in God.
— Bishop Oriel Ballano, Phillipines
If you don’t dare to live fearless, things won’t change!
— Pastor Art Sepulveda, Hawaii